Monday, July 8, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (89)

Hi all,
even though my shoulder still hurts and hinders me from building as much as I'd like, I was able to make some progress.

First I build some casings for the LED strips
and since I don't want the individual LEDs being visible, I decided to add some matte covers.
For this I took some clear plastic

and sanded it for a while, creating a nice matte finish

On the casings this looks rather nice.


For the jump deck I want red lights, so I painted them with red ink.


During daylight this isn't very visible.

Next I added a light switch on the landing pad, so I can keep the battery (9V block) mounted on the inside.

Another LED strip was added to the rear mural.


In the evening the lighting becomes a lot more prominent

and now the red is a lot better visible.

The next section to light was the bridge and conference room




I built casings for the LED strips, added matte clear plastic, painted the casings in Tiny Tin and mounted them (looks crooked here as the cable was too inflexible, but I got that worked out in the end)

After the bridge (red lights again) and conference room, I built another light set for the ATHENA mural on the rear wall.


A nice effect I think :)


Before closing everything up, I quickly added a coat of Astronomican Grey to the ceiling and walls


At this stage the wiring still looks very cluttered :)

Before I mounted the bridge section and glued it in place I added a coat of liquid mask to the windows.


I will have to freshen it up before I do the actual paint job, but its a good base.

And then it was time for a lights test :D

If you look closely you may see I added another light switch to the lower side wall.

Aaaah :)
I think this will be great :)

Tonight I will bring order to the wiring and clean it up, then another set of lights on the left and right side of the landing pad (shining up in an angle at the STRIX aircraft), and then I can look into the remaining CIWS.
I'm very exited that this project is finally nearing completion.