Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It happened again...

And so it happens again :(

Sorry for the long silence. I had a pretty bad should joint infection (athritis?), very painful, and couldn't do anything hobby wise.
Now I'm recovering, doing a lot of exercise for the shoulder, and generally, coming back to my man-cave.

Unfortunately this isn't really good for the last project "Raid on Port Corinth", as it was sitting too Long, and I lost momentum....

 So, last night I packed it away, and it found a (hopefully temporary) shelter in the cabinet

The good news is that I want to work on the hobby, so it was time for the Queen of the Air to make a come back.
The Athena is back on my desk

Now I try to figure what Needs to be done:
- complete the 2 Manticore launchers
- build 4 engines and Rotors
- add a second CIWS?
- add lights to
-- the Observation Deck
-- Bridge
-- conference room
-- rear mural window

I also think about adding some "spotlights" to the ATHENA mural on the rear wall, and to the aircraft landing pad.
Anything major missing?