Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ATHENA - Steampunk airship (96)

Thanks guys!
@Tuskar - when you're in the Heidelberg-Karlsruhe area give a shout and we can arrange for a little tour of the workshop :)
While I do like the general apearance of the duct fans, I realized I need some more decorations or steampunk elements to make them work with the overall style of the ATHENA.
So I reworked the initial duct fan, built a slightly larger rotor, added a driveshaft, and a rear ornament.
The front also got an ornament - in hindsight I realize it looks a bit Batman stylish....
Pleased with the apearance of the test rotor I build the remaining 3 rotors (they are now larger than the actual opening) and positioned the spacers.
While these cured I used my famous rivet scale and marked the rivet positions for the first fan.
I really like the look on the ATHENA.
While only the lower left one is complete, the other 3 ducted fans got their ornaments in place and now "only" need the outside cover and rivets.
Another item off my list.