Friday, September 4, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (19)

As discussed yesterday, I thought a lot about the prow.
So I started with a mock-up from cardboard to get a feeling for the lines.
As you can see, I moved away from the typical blimp nose.

Here I allready did the first pieces in plasticard. The bottom of the nose is made of sturdy 1.5mm plasticard, as well as the two support beams.

The actual skin is again .25mm plasticard. The only one that can smoothly follow these curves. ATHENA now has some almost sexy curves (well it's the nose, but still *grin* )

From front it looks tilted, but that is just the light and shadow.

After some comments on Warseer and WIP I decided to check the weight of the whole ship.
So, what would you guess how much she weights?
Surprise, surprise....

It's only 1.2 Kg (2 1/2 punds) - much lighter than I thought - heavier than a Russ, but also much bigger :)

And just the blimp body is a mere 570 gramms.
@Silar - well I haven't really thought about rules yet. I keep the rules in mind when I think about the weaponry, but for all other aspects I haven't spend much time on rules.
It's to be a platform for fighters and Ground Attack aircraft, a jump deck for drop troops, a weapons platform for aerial bombardment and torpedoes, as well as direct ground fire (Siege Cannon), plus many Air-Defense functions.
So if she would be on a game table, she'd be the queen of the skies, guaranteeing air superiority by her "CAP" (Carrier Air Patrol) as well as her AA weaponry. And in addition she'd be a damage dealer to the ground.
Maybe a scenario that would be centered around her?
ATHENA as central piece for the defender, with Drop Troops to engage attackers on the ground, while the Air-to-Ground weaponry fires, as well as a close support aircraft ... while the attacker must attempt to get her out of the sky ....