Thursday, September 17, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (24)

When I showed you the scetch for the Naval uniforms, you may have realized the note
"Officers wear ceremonial sword"
Guess what?
I looked through my sprues, and there is no such thing...

So I decided I had to build some myself. As base I used the Cadian banner bearer and cut the sheath out of plasticard, and I used the handles of the larger Cadian knifes for the swords. The centered handles of the smaller knifes don't work - at least they don't look any good.

For the hand guard I cut plasticard rings in half

May need a bit less than half of the ring, but you get the idea.
Here I also tried a different form.

And within a few minutes I had 8 ceremonial swords ready.

Once they are mounted on a character there will be some detailing required, like the ornametal cord and stuff, but that'll be quick greenstuffing.