Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (23)

I finally got me a display cabinet for my DEI GRECI contest entries.
Two winners and two non-winners so far.
As you can see, the ZEUS is to big and needs to remain on the other cabinet (top right), but it didn't participate in a contest anyway :)

Here is the Kazushaaah, the artillery contest winner.

The THANTALOS, 2007 Fast Attack winner :)
Unfortunately the base for it doesn't fit, so I have to see if I can cut the base plate to fit the cabinet.

The Shrine of Agathe the Fierce, that participated in the 2009 Turn Counter Contest, but didn't fare well, as well as the BOREAS, participating in the 2008 Walker Contest, also not successfull.

After I built the cabinet and moved the contest pieces I went to work on the ATHENA.
As previously mentioned, I had to rework most pieces.

But now it works like a charm - elevated fully

fully lowered

The new rear plates

I decided to move the postition behind the launcher, rather than besides it.

Now I just have to decide where I will place the ammo hatch.

Reloading operations

and folded down, in storage postion.