Monday, September 28, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (30)

Over the weekend I've been working on another member of the command section.
This time I wanted to build one on the high ranking officers on the ship - maybe the captain or even an admiral.
I started off with the long coated tank officer from the Baneblade sprue, and some standard Cadian legs.
In the right bottom corner you can see the torso freed of the tank hatch pieces.

Since I want to model him with the arm folded across his chest I had a hard time looking for proper arms

In the end, I had to greystuff the arms completely. Only the shoulder armor and the actual hands are bits.

Since I want the officer to be very special and a veteran of many battles, I shaved down a basic Cadian head, freed it completely from the helmet and sculpted some items to it.

He's wearing an eyepatch

And from a previous wound part of his head is covered by a titanium plate :)

While the sculpting of the head cured I added the eagle crest to the shoulder armour

Added some straps and filled the gap between boots and the coat

He still needs gaiters and the respirator, but I think he'll look pretty cool.