Monday, September 14, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (22)

Sorry for the lack of updates over the last view days, but I had the chance to participate in the Beta testing for Aion, a new MMOG, and that consumed quite some time - I can tell you it is qute a time sink - just as bad as WOW - but lots of fun. I have allready ordered the gamen, so there's a good chance I will lack some updates.

Nevertheless, I did work on the ATHENE. I started with the folding (Ammo) crane for the rocket launcher ... hmm still need a name for that one....

Here are the basic parts

folded once

and folded down completely

Then I added the hydraulic cylinders

and it works pretty well

nfortunately I glued one of the pieces wrongly, so I have to take it apart again, and re-assemble the hydraulics again.Also I will change the 3 bars in the rear, and replace them with a steampunk-style plate.
Thanks to Lucius von Kalteisen and Fireball at WIP I have some new IG crew torsos and legs I can work with to create a good crew for the ATHENA.
For this purpose I createda first Naval Fleet paintscheme test