Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (41)

Hello, hello.
I'm back from the US - unfortunately I had a bad cold in the luggage and I'm currently struggling pretty bad. But I'm glad it's not a flue :)

Agreeing with your feedback on the airscrews, I took them apart again.

and cut the individual blades apart

Then I glued them onto the axle in a 45° angle

Looks much better now

And on the ATHENA it looks quite right

But the rear still looks rather "blank"

So it is time to build a nice structure for the rear, isn't it?

The plan is to have another nice painted window - the guys working in the hangar need some light and some morale inspiration :)
I want to have a folding door for the window, so I started to build some folding panels

Lots of pieces

But looking good

Unfortunately I couldn't get them to align properly (I use the cold as an excuse)

So I scratched the plan and revised it with two (non-functional) sliding doors

actually that doesn't look bad either :)

And it fits very well on the ATHENA

Doesn't it?

So much for today.
Tomorrow (or whenever I do the next post) I will do a step-by-step for the painted window.