Friday, November 6, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (42)

Now that I have the stained glass window in place, and the window frame painted, I can continue with the build.

As you can see, the structure wasn't only for shows, but also serves as an extension to the landing deck.

And it will hold another small platform in the rear.

On this platform will be another two AA-weapons as close rear defense.

But it will also have an observer periscope...

in steampunk design...

The platform will also have another one of my plotting tables.

As you can see, it is smaller than the original table, but also contains a 3-D Landscape - I will try to make it look like a hologram in the end (hopefully).

There will be some ammo containers

and storage boxes.

And to emphasize the steampunk topic some more, I built some speaking tubes, or voice pipes for communication with the bridge, engineering, and the observation deck :)

Plus a kind of comms console

I think this will look rather cool in the end.

Feedback and comments as usualy quite welcome :)