Monday, November 16, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (48)

Since the basic build for the Hydra turret was completed I started detailing.
Here's the skull ornament for the radar dish that I'm using instead of the small radar dome of the standard issue Hydra. As you can see on the cm scale, it is very small and delicate.

But it really looks good on the model.

Another ornament for the face plate...

consisting of 3 layers. Top is a winged skull, beneath is a circle and three flashes, and the third layer is an Inquisitional "I" - I really hope this will look good once painted.

I added lots of details, rivets, sights, ect and then I began to mount the guns,

which have also been detailed.

Here are the two guns with all the details on them.

And here are some shots of the turret in its final position:

Well, and then it was time to build the second turret. Since I had most pieces allready pre-cut, it went rather fast.

Here you can see some WIP shots of the turret mount.

The two together - not really twins, but close.

And both in position.

Next will be the forward gallery of the command island - many small detail items, like Signals station, MG position ect.