Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (50)

Todays update is rather short, as the first thing I did last night was cuting into my thumb....yeah, good job.
It's not really a deep cut, but it was bleeding pretty good, and the bandage I put around it was quite clumpsy (a tissue and some tape around it :)
So not much done.

I pondered some more on the FDO position, as well as the position of the shrine. But with the size of the window, I don't really see any other spot where I could put it. And that gallery corner seems to be the only sensible spot for the FDO postition too.
So the only item that I could potentially change would be the door....
Any ideas form you?

Nevertheless, I did work on the ATHENA, at least a little. I googeled several images of Techpriests and most had an old book straped to them. So I began cutting some pages and a book cover (the cover is .5mm and the pages .25mm plasticard)

Glued together and a latch added.

and then I mounted on the techpriest.
Speaking of Techpriest, I checked both 4th and 5th Ed Codicies and both state that a Engineseer/Techpriest is armed with a Laspistol and an Energy Weapon (plus the Servo Arm). 4th Ed states "usually an Axe", so to me the sword is just as good :)

Then I began filling some gaps with ProCreate, as well as I started on the mask.

Most of this will be covered by the hood and there's still some cleanup to do, but I'm satisfied with the progress.

Since I had some mixed PC left, I continued working on my Medic for the Inquisitor Retinue. She's a real piece-meal progress, as she only receives left-overs :)
So last night I sculpted the first snake head for her Aesculapian staff.
Hopefully I'll have more progress to report tomorrow.