Friday, January 22, 2016

The Carp'A San - Raiders of the Lost Light (10)

Hi all,
thank you for the comments and emails :)
Well, I couldn't wait to finish this up, and while I restrained myself a lot I went to the hobby room immediately after dinner.
I promised myself to take small and slow steps with the airbrush.
But lets see..

First I set up my desk - compressor, ventilation, colors etc.

I started off with deluded black to deepen the shadows and dark areas.
Once I was pleased with these, I added the first "light" - the moonlight on the throne area.
I was careful to add enough light, without washing away all the color. 
Then I added the light (not colored) area for the first muzzle flash.
Again I had to be careful to lighten up the Marine without flushing out all the colors.
The Stormbolter was next.
And finally the central flash of Brother von Ritter.
Once I was pleased with the pure light effects I felt confident enough to add color.
The base color for the flashes is yellow (almost 90% transparent)
It was tough to find the proper consistency of the color to so that it "only" colors the light areas, without covering any more details.
With the color on von Ritter's flash, the scene was really getting the atmosphere.
To (hopefully) add a bit of drama, I gave the Orks a dark red light effect from the rear - kind of simulating fire and havoc from the Ork area.
Not sure if it really works out.
But once I turned off the additional lights in the room, and added the first blue effects from the energy weapons, it did work out :)
This is pretty much the way I had envisioned the scene!
Facing the rampage!
But the running Ork wasn't really prominent enough for my liking.
So I gave his captured energy sword the light effect too.

Yeah, that brings him out.
And that's where I left it.
Now I will leave it in the closet for the weekend - out of sight - and on Monday I will look at it again. I know there are some details to wrap up and some clean up.
But I'm very pleased with this scene.
So I gave my trusted steed a good and thorough cleaning, patting it affectionately - this baby didn't let me down once :)
The best airbrush I ever had - and I had a few, starting with a DeVilbiss 30 years ago, and Iwata HP-B, and many in between.
Well, let me know what you think of this diorama :)