Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Carp'A San - Raiders of the Lost Light (5)

Hi all,

well, as you can see I changed the name of the dio.
It's now called "Raiders of the Lost Light" or the "Carp'A San" and I wrote a little fluff to it.

Last night I did some minor adjustments, by moving some of the characters. Only minor changes a few millimeters here, a centimeter there, or changing the angle a bit.

Brother von Ritter is now angled a bit more towards the center - as I also moved the banner bearer.
Here I did a bit of cleaning up.
After taking this photo I realized, the Ork still needed some GreenStuff work.
Captain Senoj (Jones backwards :-P )
Brother Lillianus was angled a bit more towards the outside.
The Slayer was moved closer to the column to make room in the center for the banner bearer.
The banner bearer is now quite centered and aligned with Brother von Ritter.
These two are still pretty much where they were, but I adjusted the pin for the Ork, so he's a bit more upright now.
No change here.
So with this the actual built should be complete.
And here's a video of the diorama:
I hope you like it.
And the fluff for the actual situation:
The Carp'A San - Raiders of the Lost Light
Raiders of the Lost Light is a diorama depicting the dramatic moments of the recovery of the Sacred Light of Jerusalem.  
The Sacred Light of Jerusalem is one of the 13 sacred items of the Ka'An, which can be used in a complex rite to resurrect and revive the Emperors body, freeing him from the Golden Throne.
The Sacred Light of Jerusalem was forgotten many centuries ago and lost in time. It is believed that it was last held in a sanctuary on Persifas 3 in the Palagam system. 
Here it was guarded by the **CENSORED** Chapter of the Space Marines. During the great Waaagh of Ork Boss Cham Bamm-Bumm the entire planet was ransacked and devastated. The Marines fought a valiant battle, but in the end the planet was lost.
A small contingent of the **CENSORED** was able to defend the Sacred Light of Jerusalem, but the survivors were too weak to leave the remains of the sanctuary and so the Carp'a-San, as it was also called, vanished in the maelstrom of time.
According to the legend of Ka'An, he who can gather the 13 sacred items and combines them in a complicated rite of utter complexity will gain the power to heal and revive any corpus, be it merely human or even divine, and bring it eternal youth and vitality. So Chief Librarian Zastavus and the Supreme Grand Master of the **CENSORED** (OX) send their companies on the hunt for these items time and again.
Recent events and encounters seem to indicate that other races are also aware of the legend of Ka’An and seek to rein its power. So the treasure hunt of the Officium **CENSORED** has now become a race and Chief Librarian Zastavus has called his forces to Operation “Ultima Preces” in which they are to find the remaining artifacts at even greater speed.
Latest reports indicate that a large contingent of Crimson Guardians under Captain Senoj has landed on Persifas 3. Maybe here the Crimson Guardians can find the Carp'A San, the Sacred Light of Jerusalem, one of the few remaining items of the legend of Ka’An.
Unknown to Senoj and the Marines a large group of Orks landed on the other side of Persifas 3 and is also on the hunt for the Carp'A San, or the 'Elluffazapp as the Orks call it.
The diorama captures the moment Senoj discovers the Sacred Light - just as the Orks storm the sanctuary...
Vicious hand-to-hand fighting and murderous Bolter fire erupts.

Unpainted the scene looks chaotic and crowded. But battle is chaos.
Captain Senoj reaches for the Carp'a San.
Brother von Ritter stands his ground against the merciless Orks.
Can the Marines stem the Green Tide or will the Orks be victorious?
It kind of ties in with the fluff I had for the "Tomb Raiders" idea and hopefully explains the diorama.
So, what do you think?
I look forward to your comments and feedback.