Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Carp'A San - Raiders of the Lost Light (7)

Hi all,

despite a lot of work on the job I was able to continue with the "Raiders of the Lost Light".
Steady progress :)

First I finished up the guards, added some more details and weathering.
And then they received several washes - a pure black wash, then a mix of glue and light grey, and finally a sepia wash for the gold sections.
But the main focus was to keep the coloring desaturated and rather cold/blue-ish.
While the washes for the guards dried, I painted the base.
Working on the banners consumed quite some time - but I think it was worth it.
Painting complete, but before the washes.
And with the washes applied :)
The throne section.
With that part pretty much done, I started with Captain Senoj.
Brother Lillianus got a two version paint-job. Not sure if it is really visible, but the area facing the muzzle flash is painted in standard "bright" colors, while the other areas are painted in the desaturated colors.
Same for Brother Moffat - bright colors facing the muzzle flash, while the other areas are desaturated.
That desaturated painting is actually relatively easy, but it is essential to have these colors in a wet-palette, as none of those colors come out of the bottle.
So this is where the scene is now.
I hope I can really pull this off and get the light effects the way I want it - convincing :)
So what do you think?
I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.