Thursday, January 21, 2016

The Carp'A San - Raiders of the Lost Light (9)

Hi all,

thank you all :)
Well after a real painting marathon this weekend this will be a large post with 40+ images.

First I completed the last two Marines.
And then started on the actual Orks.
So here is the slayer on top of the fallen Marine.
In position.
And the chain swinging opponent to Brother Tennant. 
Twin Axe...
And the last two Orks besides the banner bearer.
So with these complete I painted the banner bearer.
For the flag I was looking at Soviet propaganda style motives - and so I started off with a golden star.
Then super-imposed the porcupine icon of the "Porkupinz"
With a white border.
Looks rather cool in the scene, doesn't it?
And just for fun I added Russian letters - simply spelling Porkupinz in Cyrillic letters.
Somehow the second star was harder than the first one.
And for this side I super-imposed an Ork head.
And a white border again.
But adding the Porkupinz name here didn't look the way I had intended.
So I removed it again.
With all the actors sans the main Terminator painted and in position, I decided the Ork side needed some reinforcements - the lower end was too empty.

So the first one up was this runner.
I'm very satisfied with the way he fits into the scene.
Then another Ork for the rear end.
That's better!
But here's a bit of room :)
So how about an attack form the side?
Ignore the mold lines, they were removed before painting.
But doesn't he look cool?
I was very excited about these three - all in all I think they are three of my best Orks ever.
I was in a painting frenzy and didn't stop to take any pictures :-P

But now the scene has the proper feel to it.
Doesn't it?
As seen from the throne.
So, last not least was Brother von Ritter.
And with this the scene is completed - sans the OSL effects.
I'm really pleased with the scene.
But the next few days will make or break it.
Now I will have to add the OSL effects...
Take a good look at it before I either screw it up completely or...well, hopefully score a hit :)

These are another two images for lights reference, together with the initial light test.
Keep your fingers crossed.

If I don't post over the next few days, I most likely screwed it up completely and jumped out of the window :D