Thursday, June 18, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (12)

I continued with the command section and worked on the roof.
It has two chimneys, a radar dish (the winged skull), and two satelite dishes, plus some cables and consoles.

Mounted on the island.

Actually I think it looks pretty cool.

Also from the outside.

But Urgh!
Mounted on the body...
as I and ConcernedLurker allready suspected, I went a bit over the top with the island....

From this point of view it isn't looking soo bad.

And I really like the details.

So lets see, how the ATHENA would potentially look.
For this I did some photoshopping and planked the rips.
Version A (as is, just virtually planked)

Version B (elongated and 4th wing added)

Version C (slightly elongated and heightened body, no extra wing)

So, which version would you vote for?
Version "B" would be rather easy to accomplish, as I only have to extend the upper deck by a sheet, and add some rips. That could be done within a nights work. Version "C" would require a lot of work, and new rips and everything.
So, use the poll and vote :)