Monday, June 8, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (8)

I gave the resin another try on Friday....and now it is official:
It sucks and is no longer curing properly :(
I should've read the instructions, as they state it should be used withion 12 months of opening.
Oh well, another lesson learned for Klaus.

But, since I don't want the engines to hold me up, I continued with the contruction of the central wing (the one holding the engine).
Here you can see the disc, where the rotatable engine will be mounted.

And this is the view on the inside with some controls for the engine.

Here I started with the actual wing construction.

Which I covered with .5mm plasticard and some rivets.

Then I spent some more time tinkering over the main deck layout.

So the lift has approximately the size of a Chimera - that should be OK for an interceptor with folded wings.

Even the THANTALOS could land and take off.

Speaking of Interceptors:
Do you remember the first pieces I had built for the Steampunk motorcycle?
Well, I think this could be a nice start for an Interceptors nose, couldn't it?
I will try to post a sketch later on *** see UPDATE at bottom.

Once the wing had completely bonded I added the fin.

While this cured and bonded, I continued with the forward bulkhead - I will have a drop between the main deck and the nose, and this bulkhead will cover the front.

I really dig the portholes and their covers :)

After that I mounted the nose deck.

While the nose deck cured, I worked on the two remaining wings. Again covering them with .5mm plasticard.

The fin is made of two laminated sheets of 1mm plasticard.

While the flaps are just 1mm.

The forward wing mounted...

...and fin attached.

Then I repeated this for the rear wing.

Finally I started with the side of this deck.
...adding some ornaments like on the ZEUS to emphasize the steampunk (or actually more dieselpunk) theme.

I'm pretty satisfied with this weekends work :)

ATHENA is slowly taking shape.

I hope you enyojed todays update.
Here is a first sketch of the interceptor. Currently I favor version "B" as this seems to be a bit more manouverable. On both models the wingtips will be foldable.
The forward fins give it a kind of shark-like apearance from the front.
Armament would be 6 guns (3 on each side) and 2 Aircraft hunter-killer missiles :)
I was thinking about a Gatling (aka Aircraft Punisher Cannons), but decided that this would be better in a ground-attack version - A10 like :)