Monday, June 22, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (13)

Not much of an update today.
Due to a severe case of Migrane, I couldn't get much done. I did cut the new rips, plus one solid wall, to geive the now elongated blimp body some stability.
So far I have only mounted the wall.

On a side note:
In a previous post (here or on WIP) I recommended the Polystyrene sheets from Rai-Ro ( ), as these were cheaper than my previous source. And despite that I did a fist test-purchase and was satisfied, I am no longer. I don't know what and why, but these new sheets have a very impractical behavior, especially anoying when cutting round forms.
The initial cuts are smooth and easy, but when cutting deeper, the blades begin to stick and I have to use a lot of pressure and power to cut, often leading to unlovely cuts. It feels as if there is more tension withing the sheet...really I have no clue what it is and why.
But I will now go back to my initial source and order my sheets from here ( ) again.
Eventhough this is more than 1 Euro difference (3,95 vs 2,40), I think this is worth it - I almost cut my chest yesterday, as I had to use so much power to do a cut, and the blade finally slipped, barely missing :)
So, despite a small update, I hope this is usefull to you.