Friday, June 12, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (9)

I think I setteled with layout "B" - which as SSG_Snuffy so precicely said "looks like a top-fuel dragster" - of course when it comes to actual execution, it will most likely end up quite different ;)

Well, for the ATHENA itself it is a quite short update as it is, more or less, just a repetition of the other side.

On this side, the rear area has no portholes, as the main engineering area will be in this area - so here the huge steam/diesel engine will be, going down all the way across most the decks.

Then I added pins and holes again, so I can affix the upper deck, without gluing it permanently.

To be honest, I'm not sue how I will continue from here....
I don't really want to cover up the rips yet, as I want to keep the freedom to change some things around (like adding exterior bomb bays). So I will most likely continue with the main upper deck and control center.