Thursday, May 28, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (3)

Hi guys here's another sketch of how I envision the ATHENA.

So, with the gondola being about 30x10 cm, I think the main body will be in the area of 60 or 80 cm long.... :)
Size matters after all.
Mikael, I fully agree with you on the football/blimp form. But I have to do a cut on the top, so I can place my main deck on it, and I have to cut the rear end, so i have room for the 3 engines/propellers.
If you look at the sketch above, the rip I built yesterday pretty much follows "A" - too wide, too squatty. I will have to go more into the format of "B".... in the end, I want it to look like the "C" outline.
Hi Xi, nice to have you here :)
Aramament? Well, I was thinking about using it more C&C like. So the Russian blimps as heavy bombers. As I'm intorducing the Witch Hunters into my army, this can then be used to represent the bombardment rule :-P
With this in mind, I will have a bomb bay in the rear part of the gondola. But it will also have a chin turret, and maybe I'll mount a vanquisher there...
Most other weapons will be AA weapons to fight off any fighters and interceptors - so I think gatlings will be the order. Maybe an additional missile pot.
But I'm open to suggestions :)