Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creative block?!?

I have to admit, now that I have Little Lenin and Hektor completed, I kind of fell into a deep hole.
Especially since the guys at "Coolminornot" don't really like the two :(
I mean normally I don't really worry about this, but somehow, it kind of ticked me ...

With the ZEUS diorama there's still plenty of things to do...finish the trooper sculpting, paint the troopers, weather and battle damage to the ZEUS, Ork's littering the battlefield, and the diorama itself.
I just can't get my but up... :(

So, I looked at ideas of what I could do in Witch Hunter order still didn't arrive (order was April 6th, and they tell me all kinds of stories at mailorder) these are also in a kind of limbo.
I was looking at some Steampunk airship stuff...a Steampunk Titan?
Hmm...nothing really that sparks my creative fluids *sigh*

Well I'm sure you had such phases to.
Any ideas, suggestions?