Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Commisar Little Lenin

After cleaning up my desk, Hektor and Little Lenin were waiting for me. Primed black.
I decided to start with LL first, since I calculated him being easier and faster done.
As a typical Commisar of the Empire, he's wearing black and red with some gold.
Here you can see the base colors - black, a dark grey, red gore, and scrorched brown (as Gold base). Also he's wearing the Dencara specific gaiters in Vermin brown.

Next I added blue for the goggles and a lighter grey on the black leather.

Blood red highlights the red areas.

Also the gaiters received some shades and highlights.

Unfortunately the lightning doesn't do him justice :-(
The golden areas received a first coat of Brazen Brass and then highlights in Shining Gold.

Commisar Little Lenin at your command - and watching you VERY close!