Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hektor - the Ogryn Bodyguard (Pt4)

With the banner completed, I spent some time on cleanup and then details, details, details.

The cords on the banner received a Tin Biz basing before they were highlighted with Shining Gold.

The medal and the cord was painted, as well as the nametag.

Here's set of shots in a different lighting, closer to real live shots.

As you can see I also painted the chainsword and the webbing and straps.

Then the skull on the banner, the powercords for the powerfist, and the helmet.

Finally the large canteen and shoulder crests.

XIX for the unit.

OC for the Officium Commiarium.

And the final hero shots with Little Lenin.

I am 100% satisfied and really, really proud of this nice couple :-)