Saturday, May 30, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (4)

Finally I had some time to tinker some more with the shape of the Athena main body.
I really had a lot to do at work, and some real-live commitments left me less time than normal to work on this project.
But now I think I found a shape I can work with.
So I built the first three rips and mounted them.

With a supporting beam in the middle (as the whole "flat top" will rest on these).

So this now resembles pretty much the shape "C" I had drawn in the previous post.

Also, this shape has enough overhang that allows for some bombing apreatus'. I really like the way the bombs are visible on the C&C Kirov, but for this it is allready loo late.
Nvertheless, since many things will be inside the float body (including an oberservation deck and the engines) I will make it look that the bombs are inside and two bomb bays are then visible.

So, I continued last night and made 4 more rips (7 out of 9 on the gondola).

For size comparison I placed an Kaskin stormtrooper and a St. Celestine here. From here there will be about 5 more rips forward, but each one being smaller, thus creating a pointy nose. In the rear there will be probably be another 3 or 4.

The holes I have in the rips are planned to take some rods or pipes to give support. Basically the body will be empty, except for the Observation deck (like a sharks mouth) that will be visible from the outside, and whatever I need to mount the 3 wing sets and the bomb bays.

So, I think this will keep the Athena looking blimpy enough, while it will give me the room for a flat top.
For game purposes, I can't see the Athena moving on the board, I rahter think it is placed once, in the middle, over the map area, and there it remains during the match.
My basic idea is to mount it from the ceeling for display (since I only have a modders or display army, but not a play army - I have hardly ever played a match *blush*), but I could also see a flying stand - maybe over a diorama, similar to the ZEUS one.....
Oh well, on we go :-)