Sunday, May 31, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship (5)

Now that all of the full-size rips are mounted I placed some plasticard sheets on top, to simulate the main deck.

These are 3 A4 sheets (slight overlapping) placed in landscape format. This will give the main deck a total width of 295mm and a full length (including nose) of 630mm :-)

In this shot, the overall shape is visible pretty good.
Itkovian - I created some templates on my PC in Corel Draw. They include the center of the holes to ease drilling too. Then I printed them on normal paper and this I glued with rubber cement (called "Fixo gum" by Marabu). After cutting the paper peels of nicely, and any remains of the cement can easily be rubbed away.

Next I mounted some stabilizing stips. The strips between each rip are cut accoring to the measurements on the bottm, to ensure there is no width variation.

Then some additional stips accross the width.

And here you can see the rear end which will have a slightly different shape, due to the 3 main rotors/engines.

It is coming along nicely, but this project eats plasticard like I eat chips :-P