Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hektor - the Ogryn Bodyguard (pt1)

With Little Lenin pretty much done, I started with Hektor.
He will receive the standard disruptive camouflage pattern of the Dencara troops as shown here.

The pants and uniform shirt received a base coat of Terracotta, the gaiters and longcoat a base of Vermin Brown.

Then I gave him a quick dip in a very light brown wash and another in a also very deluted black wash.

Plus a first bruishing of shades.

And then he received the basic cammo stripes in Bronzed Flesh and dots in Dwarf Flesh.

I will complete the cammo pattern with an inner stripe of Scorched Brown (I think) and then do another layer of wash and shading.
After that, cleanup and (most likely) I'll start with the skin next.
I want him to be rather pale (ending with Elf Flesh), but am not sure which color to use as base for that - any ideas?
The Banner will receive a base of Terracotta and Red Gore, yellow rim, and then I work on the actual artwork for it. Since it's going to be a commisars banner, there will be the XIX logo in the center, maybe an additional hint at the Inquisition (as they are acompanying my Dencarians when fighting the Orkish brood) and will have some Latin slogans around - in yellow, just like on the ZEUS.
Well, as usual, I look forward to your feedback and comments.