Friday, May 15, 2009

Hektor - the Ogryn Bodyguard (Pt3)

After some cleanup, I did a base coat on the banner in Terracotta. And while it dried I gave to main armour pieces a drybrush in Tin Bizz.

I'm pretty satisfied with this, as it gives it a bit of a rusty aprearance, and also remains in the steampunk topic, with its brassy look.

Then I applied Boltgun Metal on the spots where the armour is damaged or scratched.

Once I was satisfied with this, I continued with the banner.
Base color was Terracotta, then some shades with Scorched Brown, and after that a layer of deluted Red Gore.
Then highlights in Blood Red, Blood Red-Blazing Orange mix, and finally Blazing Orange.

Then I started with the banner logo.
As said, it's supposed to have the XIX crest as well as bridge to the Inqusition. So I'm using a large cross with the XIX in the center.
Started by doing the outlines in Chaos Black.

Filled it in Chaos Black.

Added highlights in a dark grey (it#s a mix, so I have no name)

And then I added a rim in Golden Yellow.

And then I added the XIX in the center.

And repeated on the other side.

Then I added some more yellow lines (they may contain a slogan in the future, but I'm not sure yet).

Again, repeated on the other side.

And then I added the primary slogan:
SANS PREUR, INVICTUS MANEO - without fear, I remain unvanquished

I think this slogan fits a commisar like Little Lenin, doesn't it?