Sunday, May 24, 2009

ATHENA - Steampunk Airship

Hey guys,
thanks for your feedback. Very valuable stuff here.
Frog, this warzeppelin is awesome! And it enforces the general consent to use a metal skin too :)
InnerGeek, that link to the ConceptShips is a real tresure chest of ideas ... I can't tell you how fast that page was bookmarked *chuckle*
SSG_Snuffy, I kind of agree on the turrets. I simply grabbed an existing turret from my ZEUS and mounted it to see if it woul work, and for the size. I like the idea of using the hexagonal shaped turrets (similar to the Chimera turrets too) - ball shaped turrets are (for me) a nightmare to produce, so I will definately have to see what i can come up with. And you're right, it needs to be able to engage flying targets on all altitues - so kind of 360° arc of fire.

Well, I wans't at all lazy :)
First I enforced the bottom of the gondola with some additional (riveted) beams.

And then I started the nose.

You realize I didn't implement the two forward turrets. I changed my plan to a larger chin turret, that will be easier to mount :)

Next was another enforcing rim on top of the gondola, which is to serve as a connector between the gondola and the main ships body.

Since I want to access the deck later on to paint and mount details, I figured to use some pins and holes to keep everything in place.

Unfortunately I realized then, that mounting the pieces with pins and temporary rubber cement only leaves way to much room ofr error.
Pieces are moving around, don't match exactly and I loose the measurements.
So I had to change plans, and do the deatiling and painting now, so I could glue the sides now :(

Then a quick basecoat with the airbrush.

After that, standard procedure, drybrush with Boltgun Metal and another layer with Tin Bizz.
Then the cables and pipes with Enchanted Blue.

These images don't really show it, but that base with Bolgun and Tin Bizz really comes out nicely.

After that detailing some red, yellow, and green, as well as Dwarf bronze for the scales and Shining Gold for the keys.

Highlighting the cables and Skull White for the inner pieces of the keys.

Then rust with Terracotta.

Boltgun Metal and Chinmail for the actual scratches and then mount it.

I had to do some filling and sanding at the nose joint, but that was minor.

So that's the gondola, pretty much finished.

Now I'm trying to plan the next steps.
How will I shape the body?
More ship like (like the dotted line), or more Blimp like (solid line)? Also, will I have the upper deck more ship like (solid line) or more Blimp like (grey line)?
I'm not quite sure how I will continue....

C&C as usual wecome and quite appreciated :)