Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (23)

We had a "long" weekend in Germany, as Thursday was a national holiday, so I 4 days off -potential hobby time!

But I also had to prep our taxpaperwork, so I had to cleanup my "office" first.
At least this gives me the chance to show off my work area :)
This is my desk.
Here you can see some of the works I did for my previous hobby - ASL or Advanced Squad Leader a WWII game.
I created some game and magazine covers, as well as tournament logos and some game pieces.
Two huge paper mapboards I created for ASL.

My WWII library as well as several tournament coffee mugs with my logos on them.
And this is the new hobby section - WH40K :)

Well, the tax paperwork went rather fast, so I had quite some hobby time to work on the diorama.
I continued with the Ork-Boss. Here the Killy Claw is mounted for the first time.

And then I started to add more details.

Including the clan required spikes.

I also added some cabeling for the claw.

Then I built a Waaagh banner.

Plus a flag with the Stachelnschweinz logo on top of the flagpole.

And final positioning on the board.
Pretty crowded, huh?

And then it was time to get the painting started. Everyone aligned and ready for priming.
Black base coat.

Also on the board itself.

And the first minis with some base colors.

I hope you like todays update.
As usual C& welcome and apreciated.