Monday, June 21, 2010

Space (C)hopper

Some of you got close guessing the nature of my latest addition to the ATHENA.
As the headline states, it will be a Space Chopper - another troop transport.
Not as bulky and boxy as the THANTALOS, more along the classic lines of a Huey (Bell's UH-1 Iroquois series).

The idea is to have it as a scenery part on the ATHENA deck. The chopper in a "Pave Low" version being readied for a insertion mission of a "Tiger Team". I want to have one pilot in the chopper, one standing outside going over a map with one deck officer as well as the chief of the team, while the rest of the team (maybe even one in a Ghillie suit and a Sniper rifle) is in various poses and positions in and around the chopper...
Well, that's the idea :)

So I did some refinements to the pieces you saw in the last post,

and started to mount them on the base plate.

The remaining pieces were mounted with the roof piece,

but it will still be removable untill I have the interior completed and painted.

Then I added another piece of the cockpit roof including two windows (made of plexiglass).

And two more windows on the lower cockpit side.

Then I started to add the nose and a floor board for the cockpit.

Since I have to complete the entire cockpit before I can build the sides, I started to assemble a pilot.
As you can see I use standard Cadian legs and a tankers torso. I shaved off some of the "rear area" and postitioned the torso in a sitting position. Then I filled the gaps with Pro-Create as well as I sculpted some knee-pads and a note pad on the right tigh.

Then I found two arms that I can use for the pose as well as a nice pilots head.

Of course for a low insertion mission the pilot needs night vision goggles, so I added them, based on the ANVIS system.

I couldn't get them any smaller, but I think it is OK, isn't it?

Then I started the dashboard,

with a little screening at the top.

Next up were the pilots seats,

quickly assembled from .5mm plasticard.

Then some more Pro-Create for the cushions and the safety belts.

Well, that's as far as I got.
The plan is to have it painted black, with maybe a tiger image on the fuselage, while the Tiger Team will be in complete Dencarian Camo.
I still need a name for this little hopper, so I added a poll to the side bar.
The current name ideas are:
AKTROS - Greek God of the last light of the day (kind of fits the pace low theme)
CHARON - Greek ferryman in the underworld (nicely fits the transport theme)
DRAGON LADY - no clue how I got this, but I think some of the Hueys were called Dragon Lady in the 'nam era.
Any other idea?
Let me know.