Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Defense of Xantium (20)

Thanks guys - I'm really glad you like my stuff, and if my crazy ideas do inspire you in some way, or are of any other use, than I am a happy little camper :)

Well, the package was really the little set of Gretchins.
So I selected these 3 as my crew for the gun platform.

He will be in a "I don't know what's wrong" pose, so I have to sculpt some hands (or at least big gloves) for him - this is the first raw version.

Position test on the platform.

Time to start the gun.
Big, but not enough Dakka...

...better, but still needs more Dakka...

...ah, this looks like a good amount of Dakka :)
@Fuzzbuket, do you agree?

Connector cables to fire them off in one volley.

On the platform.


And a quick positioning test on the board.

Here you can see, why the gun ain't working :-P

Chassis, cockpit, platform and gun together...

Then I added some more details, armour plates and rivets.

And a final go-around of the Spida

Well, I think this completes this little piece of the diorama :)
I hope you like it.