Saturday, June 5, 2010

Defense of Xantium (22)

Wow, I'm already using 71% of my available image space - with this 216th post, I use 728 MB for images - more a picture book than a blog - hehe

Well, I continued with da Boss and his mega armour.
Here you can see I added a cross-hairs sight, as well as I started with his Dakka arm.

Then I added a visor over the helmet, as well as a lot of extra armour to the arm, plus some details to the guns.

I'm not sure what the glyph over the barrel of the central gun means, but I'm sure the Mek had some kind of intention *snicker*

Ah, yes, ammo

Looks like plenty (well most likely just enough for one extended burst, but talk about reality in 40K)

Then I started to work on da killy claw.

Looks like he grabbed a not-so-fortunate Beeky.

Still needs a lot of cleanup and detailing.

Another Gretchin - the Little Drummer Boy.

Well, I know that it would make me aggressive to have this little pain in the neck on my neck banging his war drum all the time.

I would probably feel like "the Master" in the Doctor Who series.

Boom Boom Bang, Boom Boom Bang...

Vagancia: Here is a position shot.
Yes, now it is croweded (like on one of the very first Codex covers), but the Boss and da Spida fit together nicely.

Well, only the final, painted piece will tell I guess.

I hope you like it.
C&C welcome and apreciated.