Friday, June 4, 2010

Defense of Xantium (21)

Thanks guys,
I really apreciate your positive feedback - it's the fuel that keeps my motor running :)

Here are some final shots of the Spida on the board

And here you can see the area in the lower right corner, that still awaits its actor...

And these are the first images of just that actor...any guess?

...maybe formt the side,...

...or the rear?

Yeah, with the head on :)
It's my Waaagh-Boss in his least the start of it.

The beginning of his legs.

Etra stompy bootz (but still skinny legs).

In pose.

And with armour on the legs.

I will try to have his right arm equipped with a extra large claw - maybe even holding a Marine - while his left arm will have some serious Dakka.
That chipping of the armour plates is quite intensive work - at least for my thumb :-P

Oh, and ArchHeretic at The WarSeer Forums asked where all my little projects go.
Well, currently they reside here...

and here.

The Xantium doirama will exactly fit into the display cabinet, but the shelf still needs some cleanup - especially all the cat food needs to move :)
Well, I hope you like todays update - as usual, C&C is welcome and apreciated.