Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Space (C)hopper - 2

Thanks guys.
Admiral Drax, I think we need to talk *snikker*

Well I worked hard over the last two days, and the cockpit is coming along nicely.
First I built some platforms for the pilots chairs.

Pretty simple, but effective.

Then I added the pedals, joystick, and altitude control (no clue how that's called).

And build it identically (not mirrored) for the second seat.

Test placement in the cockpit to measure the space for the central console.

The central console.

And the items ready for priming and painting.

I started with Astronomican Grey for the base, as I think this is a great paint for military interior.

Then I send quite some time on the dashboard and HUD - but wow, the effect...

I really love it!

Then I applied the primary colors to the pilot,

and spend some time weathering.

Comes together quite nicely with the washes and weathering.

And before you say this is too much wear and tear, look at this real live image from a CH53 interior...

So, this is as far as I got over the last two days.

I hope you like it :)
So far the "Charon" seems to be the prefered model name for the chopper.