Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Space (C)hopper - 6

I completed the interior by building a stack of equipment (backpacks and ammunition).

Painted and weathered them a bit,

and then mounted it (with a temporary glue) on the inside.

If I want to I can remove it again, but I think it looks good. And such a deployment behind the lines would require lots of ammo and stuff, so it'll fit the scenic effect.

Then I started to work on the passenger doors.
The will be mounted open.

I'm trying two versions. The 1-window version is a bit more to the lines of the original Huey, but I think I prefer the two-window version...

Then I started wo work on the rest of the body.
I really don't recall why I made it such a difficult shape - I really could've smacked myself last night.

But despite all the shapes and angles I am satisfied with the result.

I'm just not looking forward to repeat it on the other side *chuckle*

That's all for today - I hope you like the progress.
BTW, for the propulsion I have those rotatable rotors planned, as depicted in the rendering from andrea1969 some months ago:

C&C welcome and apreciated.