Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Space (C)hopper - 5

Thanks guys :)

Since Darkwing asked, I'll try to show the steps on the ceiling panels.
Besides the Astronomican Grey I added the other base colors for the panels and camouflage netting.

Then a fat wash of Devlan Mud - looks really ugly while wet.

Once dried it looks a lot better.

Then I applied some Badab Black on areas that I want to darken some more, or where I want to accent the outlines some more.

Again the difference once dried is quite visible.

Then another coat of Devlan Mud (BTW, I use a size 5 brush for that).


Then I applied some highlights, by using the original colors - white, Astronomican, Codex Grey.

Next I used a mix of Scorched Brown and Black as rust and paint chip base.

And finally Mithril for the real bare metal chips.

For the floorboards I then gave the diamond plates a light drybrush with Boltgun, to simulate the worn off paint by the scuffing feet.
That's pretty much it :)
Here the ceiling pieces are mounted.

I hope you like it.
C&C welcome and apreciated.