Monday, June 14, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (24)

Hey guys,
I just realized I was pretty bad on replying to the comments over the last view days.
I think (hope) I replied to the ltest comments - if not, please accept my appology, and maybe post your comment again.

Well, I was really slow on updating, because painting was slow.
Here I had the first base paint on.

added some details

ready for inking

and right after the first inking.

Here is now a walk-around of the Astropath:

A walk-around of Sister Karmelia from the Order of the Golden Bolter:

And a walk-around of the Cannoness, Sister Elfrida from the Order of the Golden Bolter:

And some group shots of the Sisters...

I hope you like todays update.
C&C welcome and apreciated.