Monday, May 17, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (13)

Thanks for your feedback guys.
Red blood for the Orks is good news - I think this will be a good contrast to the green skin. I will do the Ork next, so I can see how this works out.

In the meantime I worked some more on the banner and it's bearer.
I was able to copy the banner to the other side - not 100% exact, but close enough for me :)

Then I started on the banner bearer - the Monk.
He will basically have a white outfit with red ornaments.

Here I added the first highlights.

And then I worked some more on the white - resulting in an almost complete re-painting, as the grey was too dark in the end.
I also added a kind of piping around the lower part.

So to wrap him up, I will do some boltgun drybrushing on the gun and the flagpole. Add highlights to the black cords. work a bit on the gold of the chest plate and then add dirt, stains and damage to him.

As said above, the next character will then be the shot Ork. But first I will have to add some spikes to him, so he will fit the "Stachelnschweinz (Porcupinz)" Clan.