Saturday, May 8, 2010

Defense of Xantium (8)

As mentioned in the last post, I'm no longer convinced my initial idea of a large walker will really work with the diorama.
So I scratched the idea and tried to figure what else to do.
Since I have a whole bunch of characters on the Imperial side, I could to with several smaller Ork units...
So the first try is a small, four legged walker.

I will have to see how it works out, but here are some the first shots of the last two days work.

Funnily I started with a kind of drive shaft...

Here you can see the "body" as well as the first pieces of the rear legs drive.

The drive shaft attached for the front legs.

Rear legs

And the position I would like to get in the diorama.

Front legs attached

And in postition - climbing over a barricade

well, the remnants of a barricade.

The first attempt for the front feet didn't work out right.

So I removed them and created some smaller ones.

Then I created a propa powa saw

and mounted it in the "head"

It looks a bit like an elephant, but we'll see how it ends up - the idea is something like a boar ... or so :)

Then I added a face

and began with the cockpit for the driver

Here you can see him looking through.
He got some dakka too

He still needs a lot of greenstuffing and cleanup, but I think it's a good start.

And the early stages of his boss. Some of you may remember the torso - I initially sculpted it for the boss on "Stalinz Orkan" now I'm recyling him.

Well, that's as far as I got over the last two days.
What do you think?