Monday, May 31, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (19)

Thanks guys!

I had the idea to give the Spida-Walka a spidery face, and so I consructed a "face-plate" for the driva's cockpit :)

No real armour protection, but for the looks.

I kind of like the face :)

In the meantime I realized that the armor down to the claws didn't work out as I wanted (Thanks to theHman and Skywatcher for pointing this out), so I removed most of the armour again.
One of the front legs broek off, so I had to re-attach it (thus the tape). Then I added exhaust pipes,

and re-worked some of the armour on the front legs.

Once the glue for the leg cured, I covered it all up with putty, so it looks more like some textile covering of the joints.

Then several details and rivets.

So I think I have now the chassis completed and can now start with the platform - eventhough this partially depends if my package finally arrived with some more Grot bits. I did just get the SMS from the "Packstation" that a package arrived - so fingers crossed it is my package and not one for my wife ;-)