Thursday, May 20, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (14)

Been busy for the laast few days, so I didn't update the blog - but I still was able to work on the models :)

In the meantime the image of Sister Emilia and Brother Berthan has been featured on BOLS for the Wargames Gallery ( ) and I posted it on CMON (, but the rating there isn't that good - as expected :)

Well, as said, I continued on the minis, so here is the finished banner bearer.

With some dirt and stains on his clothes.

I tried for a better shot of the Governor.

But I'm not sure if it is any better....

Slowly the pieces come together

So I started on the Sister Emilias target. Since he will wear the same uniform as the Kazushaaah crew ( ), he received a base coat of Commando Khaki.

Then the first spots of Mercharite Orange.

Dots of Scorched Brown.

And dots of Elf Flesh.

Then I did all remaining base colors, and he was ready for the first dip.

Right after the first dip, still wet.

The first dip dried.

And several dips and inkings later.

First highlights on the leather and blood.

Final highlighting on skin too.

The final piece.

A close-up of the face.

Then Sister Karmelia from the "Order of the Golden Bolter" received her base colors.