Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (16)

Thanks guys :)
Well, now that I have most of the supporting actors in place it is time to look at the main Ork focuspoint(s).
Right from start I had the idea of an ork walker, but the experiments so far didn't work out the way I wanted them. So I scratched the Stompa-like walker, and I rejected the four-legged walker too.
So not 2 legs, not 4 legs....then try 8 legs *lol*
I saw this image on the GW website and the little cogwheels and gears started to spin in my head, slowly, but steadily...

So this was start...I want it to be Grot-manned...maybe with a nice gun on the platform...

Then I began to add legs.

Wow, 8 legs that's a lot of piping and a lot of...well...legs.

And it takes a lot of room too :(

After this photo I did some more experiments with postioning, and I think I found a good, plausable position for it - takes some moving of dead bodies, but managable.
As said, I want this walker to be manned by Grots, with maybe a triple or quadruple gun on the platform - but maybe jammed?
In that position, he would be targeted by the heavy bolter, the autocannon of Rambo, and I think the bolter from the cannoness.
And in that position I hopefully have neough room in the top right to position a "real" unit - speak an Ork Boss...I never thought I could run out of space...*lol*
OK, well, lets complete the spida walker first, then look at the boss.