Sunday, May 16, 2010

Defense of Xantuim (12)

Wow, this will be the most image heavy post in my blog ever :)

My wife was on a training workshop, so I had all day painting. It was VERY productive.

I continued on the Sister piece, adding details and highlights to the Brother.

More details, another layer of highlights.

And then the finished piece with text on the Purity Seals and scrolls.

Then I started on the Governor-Inquisitor.
On his base you can also get a idea of the basic ground colors I'm planing. The normal Dencaran ground is pretty red (like Mars), and the buildings will be more yellowish or golden.
So some of the rubble pieces and tiled ground will be yellow, while plain ground will be red.

Again, base colors.

Red trousers and shirt.

Some blue and golden ornaments.

Then the armor received a first coat of 1:1 Enchanted Blue : Chainmail

Very bright and shining armour.

First highlights on the cloak.

Then the battery on the camera went out, so I'm missing several PIP shots - but I couldn't stop painting while it charged, right?
So here is some hours later the cloak.

In combination with the bright armour and the sword I want it to look a bit like fire and ice.

Highlights on red.

Then I placed them in the lightsbox and did some all-around shots.

The finished Governor-Inquisitor

Then I worked on the counter piece to the Sister - he's the Ork attacking the rifle swinging soldier - hit in the last second by the Sister.

So what's the colour of Ork blod? Is it red or green?
Any idea?

I hope it won't look to much "splatter" once I'm done...

Finally I started to work on the banner.
Again, base colors first.

Then red and yellow

Details on the image

More details

And the slogan:
"Tu Ne Cede Mail, Sed Contra Audentior Ito" - Do not retreat from Evil, but boldy stand against it.

Some shadows and stains

Now I "only" have to repeat it on the other side... :(
Well, that's it from my most productive Saturday.