Thursday, May 27, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (17)

This is pretty much the position I found for the spida walker.
As you can see, I re-arranged the charging Orks a bit, as well as the dead ones. But it now leaves the whole of X3 free for another actor.

This is a level view from front.

From the walkers point of view.

From the "hero side"

And from X3.

While doing these shots, I realized that 3 legs are not properly positioned - one was in the air, the other two kind of twisted - so I took them off and re-positioned them.
While I was waiting for the glue to cure, I had one of my "brain-accidents" and came up with the "brilliant" idea to "tile" the ground....

Little did I know how much time that would take and how much work this would be :(

But I must admit, the result was worth the effort.

I didn't get anything else done last night, but still I'm rather pleased with the result.

And this image kind of indicates which weapon is finring where

So today I will hopefully add the hydraulics and stuff for the legs, so that I can begin to work on the platform over the weekend.