Friday, May 28, 2010

Defense of Xantinum (18)

Thanks :)

Last night I started to work on the hydraulics for the spida walka.
These are the ones for the tips of the legs...

First segment.
Wow, that's 16 piston sets for those 8 legs...

So a little mass production was required.

But once I had the pieces together, all I had to do was to put the two together, glue the connection points...

Place it in the proper position, adjust length if needed...

and that was it :)
Really quicker than I expected.

Here are all the hydraulics in place, and the platform positioned.

As you can see, the platform is rotatable...

Right now I'm thinking about adding the driva....maybe like in a spiders head position?

As you can see I also added some first armour plates to the legs, but there's more to come.

And if I keep the driva there, he will get some armour protection too :)