Friday, May 14, 2010

Defense of Xantium (11)

I'm still not 100% convinced on the Ork walker concept :(
Maybe the cold that I cought after Spain (from 25° C to 7° in Germany) takes some of my usual enthusiasm...

Well, but I don't want to loose momentum on the diorama, so I decided to start some painting. Yesterday was a holiday in Germany and we had bad weather - (combined with my cold) this gave me quite some time yesterday.

So I started with a color scheme test on the sister.
White tunic, red pants and shirt, black armor and some golden ornaments.

Just the very crude base colors.

Since I don't have my own SM chapter I experimented with him too.

Red base armour, black connections, some silver ornaments.

I think it is not a bad paint scheme for a Marine.

Then I did some inking.

And first highlights on top

Starts to come together nicely.

Finished her face, added blood, and highlights on the gold.

A grim situation...

This is how they look in daylight.

Next will be the Marine.