Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Little Black Bird

Plan B :(
Painting black isn't at all easy. The original highlights I had, and the inking didn't work out at all. So I had to start again, add a new basecoat of black and some grey.

Since I wasn't sure how to fix the initial issue, I decided to head the route I already used for the ZEUS, using Boltgun Metal and give it a good drybrush.

This time I used Adeptus Battlegrey for the outlines.

It is a lot lighter than the previous grey-mix, but on top of the drybrush it seems to work out nicely.

It is just hard to capture in the photos.

But I think you can get the idea.

At this stage pretty much all the outlines were done.

Lift-off position.

Travel position.

One of the readers in the WIP forum commented, that the CHARON had the form of a bumble bee - to which I agreed.
So I decided to add a icon for this too :)
First the outline in white.

Then the basic features

and finishing up with black :)

Some more details in red and yellow.
And then I tried my first home-made decal.