Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Space (C)hopper - 9

Thanks for your feedback - this helps a lot.

So, first recation to the feedback was to extend the rocket pod, as it was rather short.
Looks better now.

And here you can see it with the second change, the FLIR system. It is now mounted underneath the nose.

But since the whole nose is so far down, there's nothing else I can mount under the chin (I had a gatling prepared).

And now for the important part.
Does it still fit on the ATHENA? How does it look?
Well, here it is on the elevator - that's a tight fit.

On the forward end of the runway.

I think this will look good :)

Then I continued by building the mounts for the door gunners stormbolter.

Looks simple, but was rather difficult to build.

I also added a step, easing the passengers dis-/mounting.

Then I started some detailing. Adding hooks and the like.

The flare or CHAFF dispensers

on both sides

Then I salvaged some old tank kits and gathered railing that I added.

Various bits and pieces added.

and details all over the place.

This little rivet maker on the right is a lot less comfortable than the big one, but therefore it creates rivets with 1mm diameter.

That's half of what I usually use.

Then I started to apply the rivets...lots of rivets.

But I think it's worth it.

This pretty much concludes the actual build of the little bird.

Now I will get into building the special forces Tiger Team pilot, deck crew and a lot more little details :)
I hope you like the CHARON.
C&C welcome and apreciated.