Monday, July 19, 2010

Tiger Team (6)

55 images for todays post :)

Since the last update I created the two heads for the ATHENA ground crew.

As you can see they are heavily influenced by todays US carrier crews.

Taking some of your critisism and suggestions (Thanks Rougepom) I re-positioned most characters.

Eventhough all pieces are intended for the ATHENA, I will do this as a seperate display base.

This gives me some more room as well a bit more freedom for positioning the characters.

I think with this arrangement, every point of view offers a good aspect,

while no single item really blocking any other piece.

This new poitioning is now also more in line with the initial image I had in mind.

Once I was setteled with the arrangement, I went on to the details.
I created a connecting hose between the little tug (The Hooker) and the CHARON.
For this I used a hair dryer to warm the plastic tube and formed it to the way I needed it.

Then I cut the ends off again and attached them to the crew guy.

With this I can remove him for painting relativiely easy and then simply put him in place when I'm done.

Finally I attached the heads for those two.

Then it was a whole day of little, tiny details. Adding ammo pouches, sculpting belts and bands, the shoulder pads, and all kinds of little things.
But now they are all finished (I hope). So here's an all-around of each characted.
The fuel guy - Seaman Petrov from the ATHENA.

The driver - Petty Officer First Class Paarik from the ATHENA.

The Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant Commander Obersdorf from the MCMXIX Atmospheric Strike Fleet.

From the TIGER TEAM:
The Sarge - Chief Petty Officer Sherman of the 1st Air Command Special Ops (ACSO) Company.

Seaman Apprentice Mbeng, 1st ACSO Co.

The Grenadier - Petty Officer Second Class O'Donnel, 1st ACSO Co.

The Boss - Commander Hammerfeld, 1st ACSO Co.

The Sniper - Seaman Marks, 1st ACSO Co.
The Spark - Vox Caster Petty Officer Third Class Filsinger, 1st ACSO Co.

The Flight Commander - Chief Warrant Officer Four Odoi form the 3rd Special Operations Flight Wing of the MCMXIX Atmospheric Strike Fleet.

Not in these images is the pilot - Chief Warrant Officer Two Becerrill, also from the 3rd Special Operations Flight Wing of the MCMXIX Atmospheric Strike Fleet - he's already in the cockpit.

Then I started to detail the display base - the flight deck.

And finally one of he most tedious jobs - masking the windows and interior.

Quite a job I can tell you, but after all the efforts I spent on the interior, quite necessary :)

And here we are, after the priming with black.

Unfortunately it is hardly visible, but I already started highlighting most of the outlines.

I'm not quite sure how to continue, but I think the best is to:
  1. complete the highlighting
  2. inking with Azurement Blue
  3. light drybrush with a drak grey
  4. inking with Badab Black

and after that add the other colors, and then start weathering and chipping.
If you have any guidance on black vehicles or planes, I'd like to hear them.

So, I hope this rather large update wasn't a waste of time for you and you enjoyed it :)